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Annaliese Avery is children's writer and editor based in Suffolk, UK.

Annaliese has spent most of her working life surrounded by books and educating.


She has experience of learning delivery, development, coordination and management within a range of subjects. Annaliese predominantly develops events and activities in Creative Writing and Astronomy for both schools, private groups and the public in her work as a librarian, educator and public speaker.


Annaliese is currently a Library Manager for Suffolk Libraries and Programme Leader for The Golden Egg Academy in Scotland.




While completing her BA in English Literature and Language Annaliese worked for English Heritage, heading up the schools' engagement at properties in East Anglia.


Shortly after finishing her degree Annaliese began teaching Creative Writing in Primary and Secondary Schools in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.


In 2016 Annaliese started studying for a Masters in Creative Writing and began working for Suffolk Libraries. In 2018, after completing her MA Annaliese continued to study, learning how to be an editor under the guidance of Bradford Bose winner and Golden Egg Academy Founder/CEO Imogen Cooper.


In June 2019 it was announced that Annaliese would be taking on the role of Programme Leader for The Golden Egg Academy in Scotland. The first Edinburgh intake starting in January 2020.


In October 2019 Annaliese reached the longlist for SCBWI Undiscovered Voices competition with her novel The Invention of Night.


Annaliese also holds qualifications in Astronomy and Planetary Science and is the founder of DASH Astro Astronomical Society in Suffolk.


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